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If you are exploring the Kohala region be sure to grab take out or a special picnic lunch from Pico's!!! The sites are as unique as the rest of the Big Island, plus Hawi and Kapa'au are fun towns to explore.

Pico's recommends this fun adventure! ATV Outfitters.

And this one too: The Zip Line

Pico's is located at Kenji's House, a three tiered property offering a museum (dedicated to a local, Kenji's, art and life) and Cooperative Art Gallery.

Kohala Coast

Be sure to check your favorite guide book to visit where King Kamehameha 1 grew up. Sit down with a Pico's snack and imagine what it must have been like for a young boy growing up there while prophecy foretold of his destiny!

Or venture the day and hike down the lava steps to the Pololu Valley

There's so many things to take in on the Kohala Coast, like the excellent whale watching at Mahukona Park, or the best example of an ancient Hawaiian village at Lapakahi State Historical Park.

Let Pico's be your food stop while you take in what you can! When the air is 'right' you can hotspot with your laptop, or browse through our Hawaiian related books and magazines.

ALOHA from Pico's , and don't forget you can get back to our website by clicking here.

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